Kyoto couple

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Print of a full color photograph on high quality paper.


This is your poster:

Design: Photo of couple in kimono and montsuki walking in the rain in Kyoto.

Style: Full color print on Fujifilm Crystal DP II Professional 250 gsm paper, size 50cm x 70cm.

One of the exclusive photographs of our Asia collection. A series of prints in the highest quality for you to bring photographic art to every corner of your life.

Note: No frame included. Only the printed sheet is sent.

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Additional information


Fujifilm Crystal DP II Professional 250 g/m² (250 g/m²)

Sheet size

50cm x 70cm


3cm per side


Series limited to

500 Numbered units


This print has a printing area and protective margins (space around the image, to the edge of the paper, in white) to enhance the impact of the image representation when placed in a frame.

The sheet size indicated refers to the full size, printed image plus blank margins around the image.

In the tab "Additional information" You can see the size of this protection margin.

SKU: ASIA-KYOTO-COUPLE_50 Category: Tags: , , , , , ,